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    University of Malaya to spearhead MySIG on Big Data! Join the Malaysian SIG on Big Data and get a 360 degree view on what is happening around the world in supply chains, social media channels and private and public sectors.

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    Underpinning MySIG’s research themes on big data is our formidable range of expertise, comprising outstanding problem- and curiosity-driven research by individuals and teams. Research in the following themes takes place across many of University of Malaya research clusters. These themes are evolving and not mutually exclusive, as befits an institution seeking to apply the breadth of its research to the national and world major problems.


Frost and Sullivan reported that the latest trend of ICT business and research topic is moving towards Big Data. For the past few years, IT has developed a tremendous amount of software and systems that store and manipulate variety of data; e.g., text, image and audio. Then, with the emerging of social utilities such as Facebook and Twitter, the issue of storing data is becoming more hype. A huge size of memory is required especially when a petabyte of data is accessing at the same time. Users are not only access and store data, but also able to get new information by manipulating the existing data. The new information will help users in daily life activities for example in keeping financial record, planning for vacation, and tracking personal health. Therefore, research in the volume, velocity, variety, value, and veracity of Big Data is very much in need. Big Data will change people’s lifestyle in sustainable and affordable technology in the near future.

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Title : Training on R for Data Science
Time: 9:00 am - 5 pm
Venue : Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University Of Malaya

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Malaysia Special Interest Groups (MySIG) of Big Data are open to all who are interested. To join a Special Interest Group and gain access to collaborative materials produced by our SIG, call us at +603-79676342 or email your resume to

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